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The country is ready to listen; Labour just needs something to say

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29th April 2012

Austerity sucks demand out of the economy and pushes up unemployment. Many said it would happen, were derided as deficit deniers, and the argument was lost. George Osborne prevailed, and was hailed as a strategic mastermind. Even last week the Chancellor claimed that the economic argument had been won and those arguing against him sit ‘on the margins’ of debate.

Then came the return to recession. This didn’t change much; the economy has been hovering around zero per cent growth ever since Osborne walked into Number 11. But it more clearly than before brought to light the fallacy of Osborne’s claims that the UK was ‘out of the danger zone’ and a ‘safe haven’ because of his stewardship. No one sensible ever believed that anyway, but now that the economic recovery has officially gone into reverse such haughtiness sounds ridiculous to everyone.

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Written by Sam Boyd

April 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm

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